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T-Pain Ft. Ace Hood & Busta Rhymes - Come & Get It Lyrics

T-Pain drops a new slow jam featuring some double time flows courtesy of powerhouse emcees Ace Hood and Busta Rhymes. Listen to the track below.

"Come & Get It" Lyrics

[Hook: T-Pain]
Come and get this money (this money)
These Benjamins (Benjamins)
But then again I wanna see what you can do
Let me see you work, work, work, work, work
(What you workin’ with?)
Work, work, work, work, work
Come and get this money (this money)
These Benjamins (Benjamins)
But then again I wanna see what you can do
Let me see you work, work, work, work, work
Ooh baby, don’t stop, drop that, don’t stop
What you workin’ with?

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
And baby, I don’t wanna be that guy
That falls in love every time you work in here
‘Cause you’re the reason why…
I come here in the first place, even after church
Hell yeah… you know you fine
And you deserve every penny that you get, get, get
Stop wasting time
‘Cause every night, you know where I sit

[Hook: T-Pain]

[Verse 2: T-Pain]
And I could sit up in this bitch all night
As long as I get to see you do those things you do
If I’m in the club, you’re all right
‘Cause you gon’ pay those bills on time
I feel on yours, you feel on mine
And you ain’t gotta work too many days a week
And you don’t know this, but that’s money that you’re savin’ me
You’re the one that I wanna be with
But until then, you know where I sit

[Hook: T-Pain]

[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Shorty be poppin’ that pussy and I go to tippin’ them bills
She fresh on that molly, that body Bugatti, she switchin’ them gears
Workin’ that body, I guess them Pilates been workin’ for real
It’s early, I threw over 30, that pussy so pretty
Damn, her ass fat, and I’mma leave with that
I got a hundred stashed in that Louis bag
Up and down on that pole again
It’s about a hundred things that I’d do to that
I said handful of money, I’m sewing it up
Lusting for shorty, I’m fallin’ in love
Think I’m addicted, lil’ mama’s a drug
Twenty more thousand, I need it in ones

[Verse 4: Busta Rhymes]
Every time I step up in the building just to see you
Yeah, you know a nigga got it and you’d better come and get it
Come here, baby girl, and come and get all this money
Go ‘head, turn around so I can smack you on the ass with it
Look good, smell good, sweeter than a candy
I don’t make it rain, I make it Hurricane Sandy
So much money you could probably feed all of your family
When you’re finished maybe we could get a little nasty
If you think your shorty drop-dead gorgeous
Better know my shorty drop-bread gorgeous
Small waist, ass bigger than a walrus
Nails did, skin beautifully flawless
Sittin’ on a pile of money like a fortress
She get a lot of offers, ‘til that shit is funny
When they see a nigga they be really in a hurry
When I come around you can always…

[Hook: T-Pain]

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