Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Casey Veggies - Fuck Witchu

Casey Veggies' announcement that he's dropping a new album, Life Changes, on January 22 and drops this new Terrence Clayton produced tune for fans called "Fuck Witchu". Listen to the track below.

Fuck Witchu Lyrics

Yeah, the most official
Put in those on my voice you already know who it is
Go, go, go, go, go

Never left this shit young CV exclamation
Talk them comma mark, hit the context about compensation
When the drama start, play your part, we gon' rule the nation
Step up in the crowd, on some new shit I illuminated
If I ever penetrate her after I elimi-date her
Call her pacifier, blow me I swear that's my favourite
Writing down consensual, mix it with the x and os
That sound like a lesson though, now I need a check a show
That's one of god's blessings though
If I'm trying to let him know
He can stop discussing when the devil get aggressive yo
My girl ass a mess and I forever spit a message ho
When that money come in she ain't gon' never wanna let it go
When that money come in she gon never wanna tell me no
Never witness what that's like, man I don't have a judging clue
Took what's great about my life, connected with a couple clues
Got record by a couple tools, now I'm trying to fuck with you

Fuck with you
Fuck with you
Fuck with you
Now I'm trying to fuck with you

Fondue, living proof, let him loose, now I'm trying to fuck with you

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