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"Only 1" Lyrics: Ab-Soul

Ab-Soul gets the assist from TDE in house producer Willie B with a banging beat as Soulo goes in on this track titled "Only 1". Check out the lyrics below.

"Only 1" Lyrics

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Pop, popular, And I don’t keep my head up, I keep it down cause God do
Ay look, don’t worship me, I’m not Christ
I’m not God, but I try to be
[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Check, check, check check
Damn right, I’m selling out
In case one of my niggas go to jail, I can bail em out
I heard that lucifer’s the angel of music
This is preposterous, so much for Gospel we all stupid
Look, toast to the gods, Del Amo Boulevard
That’s where I was, pacing back and forth like I was on drugs
And I was, but I was comin’ up with some raw shit
It was either this or hittin’ licks with whats-her-name and them
They had that work, turns out I’m sellin’ crinack anyway
She been standin’ in line since the AM just to hear my statements
I ain’t the black lipped bastard no more, I’m more mature
Call me the black lipped pastor, I walk on holy water
And Joseph ain’t my father, holla
[Hook: Ab-Soul]
Many gon’ come, many gon’ go
Only time’ll tell, only God knows
Coldest under moon, hottest under sun
Many gon’ come, but there is only one
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o
S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o
S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o
S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o
S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)
[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
I told Punch I’ll probably get assassinated by the government
Reverse psychology, they gotta keep me alive
To make like what I’m sayin’ is lies, surprise!
I just left Burberry and dropped five, like I went half on a dime
But not this time, Soul-o
And I don’t find it odd, I’m breakin’ even
Maybe I should’ve prayed to Jesus instead of Herbert Stevens
I’d rather murder beats than murder people, for this reason
I seek an instrumental in attempt to leave it bleedin’
You a menstrual cycle with flower pedals to a Harley
Rap Genius’ll decode it for me
I came from nothin’
No really, I came from nothin’
You got here, but you came for nothin’
No really, you came for nuttin’, bitches, and money
Me too, I came for change, too much pussy in this game
Whats my motherfuckin’ name?
[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Yo-yo-yo-yo look
Who else coule rhyme like me
I’m making prophet off of prophecy
We built this dynasty on democracy and philosophy
A lil geometry some vagina and a lot of weed
A fifth of Hen, a pint of lean and a bible, G
OD flow, A B Soul, if you forget the dash you uh wish you didn’t
Who am I kiddin’ I’mma artist arsenist a good samaritan with bad habbits
Kendrick Lamar on the acid tablet
And a groove between Q and Langston Hughes
Rock if he was a rockafella that was signed to Roc-A-Fella
Huge views we need a telescope to tell you dope
I’m not like you, I close my eyes and I see megatrons cube
No dream to sell you dope my mind move like a monsoon
Soon lagoon its true I rode the waves back in high school
Life’s a bitch with STD’s that I just hit
The next ten years is T.D.E.
I got dough but I used to shine poor unlike Shyne Po
Cause now Shyne Po’s sunshine don’t shine no mo’
Thats how it goes when ya cons outweighin’ ya pros
I got three I’s two lungs full of OG but only one -*static*

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