Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Us (Freestyle)" Lyrics: Busta Rhymes Ft. J-Doe & Reek Da Villian

Busta Rhymes teams up with J-Doe and Reek Da Villian go in over Lil Reese's 'Us' instrumental. Check out for the lyrics below.

Busta Rhymes Ft. J-Doe & Reek Da Villian - Us Freestyle Lyrics

Busta Rhymes:
Remix of the remix bitch

At the top is just us nigga
but I don't really trust niggas
OTF is just us nigga
but I don't really trust niggas.
GBE we don't fuck with niggas
at at top where you see us nigga
since a young and bitch we been them niggas
since a young and bitch we been them niggas

Busta Rhymes:
Yall what the fuck nigga
win and over vomits like we in the bust nigga
every time I want a nigga recon this I boss nigga
like I got a really big knife stickin you all up in your guts
and if you askin yes it's bust nigga
fuck it account mine is much bigger
bumpin the niggas like a bumper sticker
go to my table scan on a couch on a bunch of liquor
you bitch look hungry mine just much thicker
you niggas p**sy mines a clutch of trigger
see you niggas they got the flu mines is much thicker
they come back with my coke amazing I get money quicker nigga


Damn, watch me
oh shit, oh shit
you know who it is,
J. Doe Ingle wood back off in the bitch
hell no and nobody fucking with the key s
seen her looking boy you'd better come and get your bitch
before I have to grab her, before I have to snatch her
before I have to smash her stab her with this fuckin dagger
when I'll be the shine, when I'll be a disaster
go money come a way too slow, my money come so much faster
better not turn the door just a little B
this close what a buggin in the B,
bout my money, bout my dollars bout my DVD
who is figure about the money I ain't listenin
boy I'm livin about the top and I ain't visitin
every time my money track you know I get it in
don't trick, don't press, your love
as I look around at the top is just us


Listen I don't give a fuck niggas
I don't do the fightin I just bust niggas
vict the villain I'm a G nigga
nigga mother fucker us is just me nigga
50 racks on the rolly nigga
in my corner like a socky golly nigga
big guns on this bony nigga
just got another whip my name ain't no Toby
you glamour it, that's my fam boy
fatch fast clearer than the enjoy
run upon me I pull out the glam boy
the little kids I faughty when they playin in the sand boy
f*ck nigga.


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