Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Terrorist Threats (Freestyle)" Lyrics: Ca$his

Ca$his is back and gives us with another new freestyle over Ab-Soul's 'Terrorist Threats' instrumental. His Loose Cannon EP is coming soon. Let's check out the lyrics below.

Ca$his - Terrorist Threats (Freestyle) Lyrics

I said we stand a chance against the military tonight
I said we stand a chance against the military tonight
He’s just a low baby brother, sharper
Walk through the herbal, he made it out the jungle
Still I got a Rambo and my life went…
Back to the world, so I still won’t stumble
Far, learning from some of my niggas, I’m gonna run
Splints got free from the police walls
Gates, as I say, boy I got the guys still up right state
For a G me, feel an OG
On the street life, I’m feeling OD
The… dime, my nigga you should be
Cause some of them brothers say I will shit so real
So not real and that’s no dis
If somebody’s is calling, you really know his
Only the real niggas get to notice
I’m fully focused, writing in the…
I, you don’t know the price I paid
selling this shit since I hit ten grade
Smoking this weed when I hit six…
It’s a cold thing
Momma don’t know nothing about my life
Momma don’t know nothing about my mind
I’m on fire, spit…
With the more the man gonna break my pride
I’m gonna ride tall and high
Fist full of hundreds, I’m on my grind
Die full of dollars cause homicide is better than know what you could do to us!
Real niggas shit, I could fuck a nigga bitch
Have her eat a real nigga dick in the front of the whip
I’mma …a pimp, bitch!

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